Sitcom: She has a fever. (Top Notch Fundamentals Unit 12-1)

source: Mohammed Abuarisha/Pearson Education, INC   2010年10月28日
* social language: Talk about ailments
* grammar: Verb tense review

# video script:
(Marie pretends to be sick.)
Marie: I'm meeting my sister for lunch.
Cheryl: Aren't you having lunch with Mr. Evans?
Marie: Oh, no! I forgot! Tell him I don't feel well and I'm going to the doctor.
Paul: OK.
(Marie leaves)
Mr. Evans: Is Marie here?
Cheryl: Oh, no. She's not feeling so well.
Bob: She went to the doctor.
Paul: She has a fever. And a headache. And a stomachache. And a toothache.
Mr. Evans: That sounds bad!
(Marie reenters.)
Marie: I need my jacket.
Mr. Evans: You do look awful!
Marie: I do?
Mr. Evans: Well, with your fever ...
Marie: Fever? Oh, yes, fever.
Mr. Evans: And a headache!
Marie: Ohhh!
Mr. Evans: And a stomachache!
Marie: Oooh.
Mr. Evans:  And a toothache!
Marie: Ow!!!
Mr. Evans: You're not going anywhere. Stay right here. I'm calling the doctor.
Marie: Ye. Thanks you, Mr. Evans. (to her colleagues) Thank you very much.