Interview: What did you do last weekend? (Top Notch Fundamentals Unit 11-2)

source: Mohammed Abuarisha/Pearson Education, INC   2010年10月28日
* social language: Discuss a trip
* grammar: The simple past tense

# video script:
Interviewer: What did you do last weekend?
Alvino: I worked.
Rob: Last weekend I went running in the park. I had drinks with friends. I read the paper. I relaxed.
Maiko: I went to see a movie, and um ... yes, with my friend, and I went to have some dinner with her.
Interviewer: How about yesterday? What did you do yesterday?
Mauro: Well, yesterday it raineed all day in New York, so I just went to the public library.
Interviewer: This past weekend, what was the weather like?
Alvino: It was nice, sunny, pleasant.
Interviewer: Yeah? So you enjoyed it?
Alvino: Yes, I did.
Interviewer: You were outside?
Alvino: I was outside working, yes, but enjoying it.
Maiko: It was ... oh, last weekend it was not too good. Uh, it was rainy, but I think Sunday was pretty good. It was sunny.
Rob: The weather was great.
Interviewer: That sounds really nice.
Rob: It was really nice.
Interviewer: Did you have a good time?
Rob: I did have a good time.