Interview: Are you a computer addict? (Top Notch 2 Unit 9-3)

source: Phonics ILearning / Pearson Education, INC      2014年6月10日
* social language: ask for and offer help; suggest a solution
* grammar: the infinitive of purpose; comparisons with as ... as

Interviewer: Could you tell me some of the things you use a computer for? 
Lisa: I use my computer every day at work to make schedules. I do a lot of that at my job. Also to e-mail friends and coworkers about things that need to get done for the day.
Interviewer: Would you say you’re a computer addict?
Deepti: Yes. I am a computer addict.
Interviewer: How about just overall time spent on the computer?
Angelique: I think it kind of depends on what you use the time for. ‘Cause if you’re doing, you know, researching projects and things like that, spend as much time as you like on the computer, you know, ‘cause it’s easy and it’s fast.
Interviewer: But how about games and surfing and chat?
Angelique: I don’t know. I mean, it’s probably about the same as television. Too much of it isn’t a good idea, I mean, when you can get outside and enjoy the city.
Interviewer: Do you think children should be allowed to use the Internet?
Deepti: With guidance, I think they should be allowed to use the Internet.
Interviewer: What do you see as the advantages of the Internet?
James: Well, communication is certainly an advantage. With, like I said, with e-mail you keep in touch with friends all over the country, practically free of charge. Also, the wealth of knowledge that you can pick up. You can ask the computer with your search engines any question at all and come up with thousands of answers. You have to choose the one you like.
Interviewer: Do you see some particular dangers, for you even, but particularly for children?
Lisa: I mean, at this point I feel as though I’m, you know, like an adult, so I can kind of censor what I want to look at and things like that, but kids don’t necessarily have that and are a little bit more curious, so I think that they definitely need that supervision.