(Top Notch 2 Unit 9-2)

source: Phonics ILearning / Pearson Education, INC      2014年6月10日
* social language: ask for and offer help; suggest a solution
* grammar: the infinitive of purpose; comparisons with as ... as

Scene 2 Video Script
Bob asks Mr. Evans for some new technology in order to build a website.

Bob: Hey, Mr. Evans?
Mr. Evans: Yes?
Bob: You asked me to build a website for the company.
Mr. Evans: Oh, yes. How’s it coming along?
Bob: Well, sir, I think I need some new technology.
Mr. Evans: What do you need?
Bob: A new scanner.
Mr. Evans: What’s that?
Bob: It’s a scanner, sir, but it’s not nearly as good as this one. This one will give us much better photos.
Mr. Evans: OK.
Bob: And a digital camera would be good.
Mr. Evans: What’s that?
Bob: It’s not a digital camera, sir. It won’t take pictures as easily as this one.
Mr. Evans: OK.
Bob: And also a new laptop. It’s not as fast as this one.
Mr. Evans: I see. Anything else?
Bob: A new DVD drive. And I could also use a new joystick.
Mr. Evans: A joystick? Isn’t that for computer games?
Bob: Well, I don’t really need the joystick.
Mr. Evans: What’s all this going to cost me? What?!
Bob: Well, actually, we can do without the DVD drive... and the laptop... and the camera... and the scanner.
Mr. Evans: Great!