Sitcom: What do you think? (Top Notch 2 Unit 8-1)

source: Phonics ILearning / Pearson Education, INC       2014年6月10日
* social language: describe art; describe how art affects people
* grammar: the passive voice

Scene 1 Video Script
Ms. Novak brings three pieces of art to show the staff of Top Notch Travel.

Mr. Evans: Hello, everyone. You remember Ms. Novak.
Ms. Novak: Hello.
Mr. Evans: Ms. Novak has just opened an art gallery here. I’ve asked her to find some pieces to decorate our office. She’s brought some things for us to look at today.
Ms. Novak: I have a painting, a sculpture, and a photograph that I think you’ll like. Here’s the painting. This was painted by a Russian artist that I really like. It’s called Sun on the Water. The artist was inspired by looking at the sea. What do you think?
Paul: I think I can do that.
Cheryl: It’s... fantastic.
Marie: How... interesting!
Bob: It’s very... blue.
Ms. Novak: Yes.
Mr. Evans: It’s gorgeous!
Ms. Novak: Oh, good. Here’s the sculpture. It was made by a British sculptor. It’s called City of Gold.
Paul: is it really gold?
Ms. Novak: No. It’s made of wood. It was painted gold. What do you think?
Cheryl: It’s... cool.
Bob: Mr. Evans, I think it would look good in your office.
Marie: I think I prefer the painting.
Mr. Evans: I’m fascinated by it!
Ms. Novak Good. And here’s the photograph. It’s called Winter. It was photographed in Paris.
Paul: There’s nothing there.
Ms. Novak: It’s a photograph of snow in a park.
Mr. Evans: Maybe I should buy them all. What do you think?
All: Great!
Ms. Novak: Excellent.