Sitcom: What do you think of this color? (Top Notch 2 Unit 7-1)

source: Phonics ILearning / Pearson Education, INC    2014年6月10日
* social language: state color preferences; talk about mood; cheer someone up
* grammar: gerunds and infinitives

Scene 1 Video Script
Cheryl fries to pick a color to repaint her apartment.

Cheryl: What do you think about this color?
Paul: What is that color?
Cheryl: It’s tomato red. How does this color make you feel?
Paul: Happy.
Marie: Sad.
Bob: Tired. I don’t feel like looking at any more colors.
Cheryl: Quit complaining. How about this one?
Paul: Happy.
Marie: Sad.
Bob: Awful. I can’t stand looking at it. Do you plan to do this all night?
Cheryl: This one? Be sure to look carefully.
Marie: Sad.
Paul: Happy.
Bob: Very, very nervous.
Cheryl. Nervous about what?
Bob: I’m nervous you’re going to paint the whole wall that color.
Cheryl: It’s my apartment, Bob.
Bob: Yeah, but we come here a lot. Can we discuss leaving the walls just like this?
Cheryl: I’m tired of looking at yellow walls.
Bob: Fine. Can you at least choose a color we’ll all be excited about?
Cheryl: There is no color you all like. Paul’s feeling happy about everything, Marie’s feeling sad about everything, and you Just seem to hate color, don’t you Bob?
Bob: I love color. Just not those colors.
Cheryl: OK. Then why don’t you find a Color that everybody likes?
Bob: What do you think of this color?
Paul: I like it.
Marie: I like it too, actually.
Bob: I love it.
Cheryl: I’m not painting the walls the same color as my sofa. The whole room would be green.
Bob: You could change the color of the sofa.
Cheryl: To what?
Bob: The color of the walls would be a nice color.