Interview: Do you think there's too much violence in movies? (Top Notch 2 Unit 2-3)

source: Phonics ILearning / Pearson Education, INC       2014年6月10日
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Interviewer: Do you have a favorite genre of movie?
Emma: I love drama. I love comedy, but my favorite is drama.
Interviewer: Do you think there’s too much violence in movies?
Stephan: I think sometimes some films portray violence a little too graphically, but I feel that if it helps the plot along, and there’s sort of a point to the violence, then it’s OK, hut unnecessary violence really turns me off.
Interviewer: So do you choose to go see movies if you know they’re going to be violent?
Stephan: I usually tend to see films that get good reviews or are by filmmakers whom I admire. I don’t think violence would really, you know, sway me one way or the other.
Interviewer: Do you ever go to see violent movies yourself?
Joe: Yes, I’ve seen violent movies—thrillers and movies of that nature.
Interviewer: Can violent movies he dangerous?
Joe: I think people are dangerous. I don’t know that movies are dangerous.
Interviewer: Should children be allowed to see violent movies?
Emma: No. I don’t think children need to be watching violent movies.
Interviewer: What’s your feeling about violence? Is it harmful, particularly to children?
San: It is. I think violence is harmful, especially in movies. Movies... children of certain ages should not see violent movies because they’re a little more influential and don’t have the judgment skills that adults do.
# Note: San misused the word "influential".