(Top Notch 2 Unit 6-2)

source: Phonics ILearning / Pearson Education, INC       2014年6月10日
* social language: offer and decline food; talk about food passions; discuss habits and lifestyles
* grammar: used to; suggestions with Why don't...?negative yes/no questions

Scene 2 Video Script
After dinner, Cheryl serves desserts.

Paul: Cheryl, that was fantastic.
Mr. Evans: The rice was terrific.
Cheryl: Cookies, anyone?
Marie: Yes, one please!
Paul: I’ll take two, thanks. Or three. Or four.
Cheryl: Do you eat sweets, Mr. Evans?
Mr. Evans: I used to. But I can’t anymore.
Marie: No dessert for you, Bob?
Cheryl: Not on his diet.
Marie: But weren’t you eating cookies today at work?
Bob: I was eating carrots.
Marie: Didn’t I see you snacking on candy this afternoon?
Bob: That was an apple.
Marie: What about that ice cream you ate yesterday?
Bob: Fruit salad.
Marie: My mistake.
Paul: These cookies are terrific.
Cheryl: If you like the cookies, you’ll love this cake. Would you eat some strawberries, Mr. Evans?
Mr. Evans: Strawberries are my passion!
Cheryl: Really?
Mr. Evans: I’d eat strawberries on anything— cereal, pasta, even rice.
Paul: I’m crazy about chocolate cake! I can gain weight with every bite!
Cheryl: I think I’ll have a cookie. Bob, could you pass the. . . oh, where’d they go?
Marie: I have one.
Paul: I have four.
Mr. Evans: I have none.
Bob: Hey fey . . . you only live once.