Sitcom: That's David Doolittle! (Top Notch 2 Unit 10-1)

source: Phonics ILearning / Pearson Education, INC      2014年6月10日
* social language: return lost property; identify ownership; express ethical beliefs
* grammar: possessive pronouns; conditional: factual and unreal

Scene 1 Video Script
Cheryl and Marie are having desserts in the cafe when Marie finds things left behind by the actor David Doolittle.

Cheryl: I can’t believe I’m eating this.
Marie: I can’t believe you are eating it either.
Cheryl: You know, that man looks like someone I know. That man just left something at his table.
Marie: That’s David Doolittle... the actor! He left his hat. And his gloves. And his cell phone. And his keys. Hold these.
Cheryl: What are you doing?
Marie: I’m giving him back his hat.
Cheryl: What about these?
Marie: Sir! Excuse me, sir! Is this hat yours?
Doolittle: That’s mine, yes, thank you. Did I leave it here?
Marie: I saw it under your table.
Doolittle: Thanks again.
Marie: You’re welcome.
Cheryl: If you don’t give him back the rest of his things, I will.
Marie: Just wait. Sir! Excuse me, sir!
Doolittle: Yes?
Mane: Are these gloves yours?
Doolittle: Yes, they’re mine. I’m forgetting everything, aren’t I?
Marie: Aren’t you David Doolittle?
Doolittle: Well, I am, yes.
Mane: I’m Marie LePage. I’m a big fan.
Doolittle: Thank you. And thanks for these.
Mane: My pleasure. Mr. Doolittle?
Doolittle: What would I do without you? You know, I’m missing my mobile. Have you seen it?
Marie: I don’t see it under your table.
Doolittle: Well. I’m in a hurry. If you do find it, would you be so kind as to call me at my office?
Marie: I’d be happy to.
Doolittle: Thank you. Bye.
Marie: I have David Doolittle’s phone number. And his cell phone.