Sitcom: Have we met before? (Top Notch 2 Unit 1-1)

source: Phonics ILearning / Pearson Education, INC       2014年6月10日
* social language: get reacquainted with someone; discuss tourist activities
* grammar: the present perfect

(Mr. Evans introduces Marie to Ms. Novak, a new client.)
Mr. Evans: Marie, this is Ms. Novak. She’s from Chicago. Marie is our receptionist.
Marie: It’s nice to meet you.
Ms. Novak: It’s nice to meet you, too.
Mr. Evans: I’ll get your tickets.
Ms. Novak: You look very familiar to me, Marie. Have we met before?
Marie: I don’t think so. No.
Ms. Novak: Well, I never forget a face. I’m sure I know you from somewhere. I don’t look familiar to you?
Marie: I’m sorry. No.
Ms. Novak: I know. We met in Chicago. You were a waitress in a restaurant near the Art Institute.
Marie: I’ve never been to Chicago.
Ms. Novak: Have you ever driven a taxi in Egypt?
Marie: No.
Ms. Novak: Oh, you were the pilot on a small airplane in China. You flew me over the Great Wall.
Marie: No.
Ms. Novak: Have you ever gone snorkeling in Australia?
Marie: No.
Ms. Novak: Driven a bus in Peru?
Marie: No. Ms. Novak, I’m quite sure we’ve never met before. I came here only a year ago from Paris.
Ms. Novak: Paris? My sister, Katerina, lived there for a year.
Marie: Katerina? Katerina Novak?! She lived with me!
Ms. Novak: Of course! You were in all the pictures she sent home.
Marie: What a coincidence!
Ms. Novak: You see, I never forget a face.