(Top Notch 2 Unit 3-2)

source: Phonics ILearning / Pearson Education, INC       2014年6月10日
* social language: take messages; discuss hotel amenities
* grammar: the future with willhad rather

(On the phone, Mrs. Beatty complains to Cheryl about the hotel she’s staying at.)
Cheryl: Hello. I’d like to speak to a guest—Mrs. Beatty in Room 514. Thank you.
Mrs. Beatty: Hello?
Cheryl: Hello, Mrs. Beatty? This is Cheryl from Top Notch. How’s Los Angeles?
Mrs. Beatty: Well, the hotel isn't very nice, dear.
Cheryl: I’m sorry to hear that. Are you OK? You sound tired.
Mrs. Beatty: My room is on the fifth floor. I had to walk up—with my luggage.
Cheryl: There’s no bellman? No elevator?
Mrs. Beatty: No. And I wanted a non-smoking room with a king-size bed.
Cheryl: And I requested that for you.
Mrs. Beatty: Well, they gave me a smoking room with a twin-size bed. It’s all they have.
Cheryl: I’d better check your reservation. What hotel are you at?
Mrs. Beatty: The Candle Inn, I think. And another thing. They didn’t make up the room. The towels are dirty.
Cheryl: Did you call housekeeping?
Mrs. Beatty: There not answering. And there are all these students everywhere. I thought you said that movie stars stay at this hotel.
Cheryl: Mrs. Beatty, your reservation is for the Chandler Inn. You’re in the wrong hotel. The Chandler inn is a much nicer hotel.
Mrs. Beatty: Oh’ Well! I’d better call a taxi.
Cheryl: How will you get your bags to the front desk?
Mrs. Beatty: I’m sure I can find a student to help. I’ll say I’m a movie star. I’ll be fine.
Cheryl: OK. Good luck.
Mrs. Beatty: Good-bye.