(Top Notch 2 Unit 5-2)

source: Phonics ILearning / Pearson Education, INC    2014年6月10日
* social language: discuss personal care; suggest ways to improve appearance
* grammar: count and non-count nounsindefinite quantities and amounts

(Cheryl and Marie give Bob a facial, a haircut, and a manicure.)
Bob: What is this stuff on my face?
Cheryl: It makes your skin soft and smooth.
Bob: It tastes terrible.
Cheryl: Oh! Sorry.
Bob: I can’t believe you cut my hair. And what did you put in it?
Cheryl: Some hair spray.
Bob: Hair spray!
Cheryl: Not much. You’ll like it. There.
Bob: Wow. My nails look great! Could I get a pedicure, too?
Marie: Uh, no.
Bob: My hair looks great, too!
Cheryl: See what a little personal care can do?
Bob: Wow. Thank you so much.
Marie: You know, it’s customary to tip the person who gives you a haircut.
Bob: How do l look?
Marie: Good.
Cheryl: You look really, really good! You look amazing!
Bob: Then let’s get pizza—my treat.
Marie: Great!
Bob: You can never tell anyone about this. Especially the facial.
Cheryl: Deal.
Bob: Now when can I get an appointment for another manicure?