Sitcom: Have you chosen a movie yet? (Top Notch 2 Unit 2-1)

source: Phonics ILearning / Pearson Education, INC       2014年6月10日
* apologize for lateness; disagree politely
* grammar: the present perfect; would rather

(In the cafe, Bob, Marie, Paul, and Cheryl try to pick a movie to go to.)
Paul: Give us another one, Mane.
Mane: We’re running out of time. Oh, there she
Cheryl: Urn sorry I’m late. I couldn't find a parking space. Have you been here long?
Bob: Since yesterday. But it’s no problem. The waiter brought us food and we slept on the floor.
Cheryl: Have you chosen a movie yet?
Marie: We've been trying. Unfortunately, these guys have seen almost everything.
Paul: We like the movies.
Marie: What about the action film The Last Train to Hong Kong?
Bob: “Where is this train going?”
Paul: “Believe me, you’d rather not know.”
Bob: “We’re going to Hong Kong, aren’t we?”
Paul: "Would you rather stay here and fight the 100 men?"
Bob: “No. And I've always wanted to see Hong Kong.”
Paul: “Look out!”
Marie: (to Cheryl) They've been doing this for a half hour.
Cheryl: That looks a little too violent for me. What about On the Bridge? I hear it’s great.
Bob: “You’re late, Frederick.”
Paul: “I’m sorry”
Bob: “And I’ve waited for you for so long.”
Paul: “I. . . got stuck in traffic.”
Bob: “For two years?”
Marie: Very romantic.
Cheryl: How about the horror movie The Hand?
Paul: “I've just returned from the train station. Have you seen anything lately?”
Bob: “No. We should go inside.”
Paul: “Good idea. I don’t want to see that terrible hand.”
Bob: “Do you really think there’s a hand out there that... ARRRGGGGHHH!”
Cheryl: Stop doing that right now, and the movie tickets are my treat.
Paul and Bob: Deal!
Cheryl: I’m not buying you popcorn.